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"What's so good about a couple of coins?" Finn asked. "Couple of Coins? These aren't just a 'couple of coins', these coins are nearly impossible to find!" Peppermint Larry informed the two, now holding on to coins tightly in his hand. "Wow, so there really that special!" Flapjack exclaimed, happy to have heard of these rare coins.

"I'm not lying about this at all; they're even said to hold special abilities but I don't believe in that superstition." Flapjack listened closely, wanting to hear everything about these coins. Finn on the other hand didn't seem very concerned about the info, actually he seemed kind of bored from the constant talking.

"If you had a couple more of these, you could buy yourself a lifetime of candy from here…" Flapjack couldn't describe how joyous he felt at Larry's words. A lifetime of candy would be like pure bliss for him. No need to ever scrounge for candy anymore in dumpsters or beg from strangers. No need for fighting over the last piece of candy with Captain K'nuckles anymore, it would be like a heaven-sent. This would be the adventure of all adventures for him and Captain K'nuckles. The quest to find these coins and obtain infinite candy; now what made this even more exciting, he would get to do it with all of his new friends!
"Hey Flapjack, you okay?" Flapjack is snatched away from his blissful thoughts, now realizing Finn was talking to him. He had a few jugs of candy left in his hands; he must have delivered the others to the table while Flapjack was in his trance. "Uh yea, I'm fine." Flapjack sure was fine; he had just discovered a way to have an infinite supply of candy.

The two headed back to the table and sat in their seats; Flapjack sat near Captain K'nuckles while Finn sat on the other side with his friends. It seemed like everyone on Finn's side was making some small chit-chat when Flapjack had arrived. K'nuckles was indulging himself into his jug of candy, blissfully unaware of the others who were talking. It all seemed like the perfect time to reveal to them, Flapjack's perfect idea for adventure.

"Hey guys, I have the perfect idea for an adventure!" Everyone, that including Captain K'nuckles, now was focusing on the young cabin boy. "Adventure really, what type of adventure?" Finn asked. Finn and Jake were now paying close attention to Flapjack; they were interested in what Flapjack had to say about 'adventure'.  "One that will blow your mind!" Flapjack said. "I was thinking if we can find a couple more of these coins we could have all the candy in Stormalong."

"What!" K'nuckles looked at the cabin boy; he was beaming brightly with a smile. K'nuckles couldn't believe it. Would those coins from before really lead them to an infinite supply of candy? "You're kidding Flapjack, right?" The captain asked, still a bit skeptical on the idea of this. "Nope, not one bit." "Okay I'm with the boy." The Captain said, not giving it another thought at all. K'nuckles left the bar soon after, but no one except Flapjack.

"So are you guys with me?" Flapjack asked, hoping with all his might that they would say yes. Finn and Jake looked at each other, looking for each other's approval. Those few seconds felt hours, he truly wanted to do this adventure with his newfound friends. They looked at Flapjack before simultaneously said "Were in."

No one could imagine the smile on Flapjack's face; possibly even bigger then all of the smiles that came before. Flapjack couldn't quite describe this feeling of immense joy in him. He knew that he only met these four people probably an hour ago but it felt like he knew them for years; especially Finn and his dog Jake. Something told him these two were going to be really good friends, probably inseparable!

"Uh, Finn is he okay?"  Jake asked, looking at the now beaming cabin boy. "I don't know dude. I think it was because of what we said." Finn looked also at the giddy boy. "Probably." Jake responded. If only they knew how happy Flapjack was right now.
Another chapter of CNAC, what else do I have to say! Enjoy now.

All of these characters belong to their rightful owner.
I only own the concept of the story!
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